Top 12 – Best Affiliate Marketing Software

Top 12 - Best Affiliate Marketing Software

If you’re looking for the best Affiliate Marketing Software, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top options on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Here are our top picks for Affiliate Marketing Software

1. is a leading global partnership management platform that helps businesses build authentic, enduring, and rewarding relationships with publishers and consumers.

Their purpose-built platform provides visibility across the entire consumer journey, allowing businesses to aggregate, orchestrate, and optimize the total value of their partnerships with ease and transparency.

2. PartnerStack

If you’re looking for the best affiliate marketing software, PartnerStack is a clear choice. They automate all the tough parts of launching and scaling partnerships, so you can focus on growing your business.

PartnerStack can help you recruit the right partners, onboard them into your program, reward them for every conversion, and empower them to become top-performers.

With PartnerStack, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best – running your business.

3. Voluum

Voluum is a powerful performance marketing analytics software that gives marketers, in-house media buyers, and agencies the ability to track, manage, and optimize all paid and organic traffic sources from one central platform. Voluum’s robust feature set includes AI-powered tools for traffic auto-optimization, collaboration tools for team collaboration on different access levels, banking-standard infrastructure for data security and uptime guarantees, and much more.

4. Affise

Affise is more than just a marketing tool – it’s a complete ecosystem that delivers two easy-to-use solutions. They’ve built a platform that’s trusted by 1,000+ happy customers worldwide and can meet the needs of any marketer, brand or publisher.

Affise provides full traffic attribution for any product by any channel, fraud prevention tools powered by AI, customizable analytics and reporting, and automation features to help you streamline daily routine processes and grow your business faster.

With Affise, you can get traffic, promote brands and widen your income streams cost-effectively and flexibly.


CAKE is a performance marketing software with solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation and multichannel marketing. Its affiliate marketing software enables you to manage and measure partner marketing programs, optimize performance for the highest profitability and attract valuable partners.

Its lead generation software allows you to maximize lead generation efforts through a holistic view into the management and optimization of traffic sources, lead buyers and lead quality, and determine routing across available lead buyers for the highest revenue, in real-time.

CAKE’s multichannel marketing software gives you the ability to measure actual customer acquisition costs across channels against the customer lifetime value and enhance campaign performance and multichannel strategies along the customer journey.

6. Everflow

If you’re looking for a partner marketing platform that can help you take your performance to the next level, Everflow is definitely worth checking out. With its ability to track every performance channel and integrate with your existing tech stack, Everflow can give you the insights you need to optimize your ROI.

Plus, with over 750 satisfied customers including Dentsu, DFO Global, Skillz, and ShipBob, you can be confident that Everflow is a top-quality solution.

7. Phonexa

Phonexa is a marketing automation suite that helps companies optimize their inbound and outbound campaigns, while also enhancing the consumer journey.

With seven turnkey solutions, Phonexa’s tools for calls, leads, clicks, email, and SMS marketing maximize workflow efficiency for direct advertisers and lead generators.

Phonexa is scalable and has the tools and partnerships to serve clients in all industries, especially those with high consumer demand for products and services.

8. ClickBank

ClickBank is a platform that enables entrepreneurs to connect with marketers and product owners in order to scale their businesses online.

ClickBank has been operating since 1999, and our platform provides entrepreneurs with an easy way to achieve their business goals, while also providing affiliates with access to top-performing offers and transparency around commission rates.

9. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is one of the most popular affiliate marketing software platforms available.

It lets you create and manage your own affiliate program with ease, and provides a wide range of features and integrations to make it easy to get up and run.

Post Affiliate Pro integrates with over 200 CMS systems and payment processors, making it one of the most versatile platforms on the market. You can also reward your affiliates for referred sales, leads, or clicks, giving them the incentive to promote your products or services.

And with Post Affiliate Pro’s rock-solid tracking system, you can be sure that every action is attributed to the right affiliate.

10. Partnerize

Partnerize is the leading provider of partnership automation solutions. Its platform delivers a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of discovery, recruitment, optimization, payment, brand safety, and fraud prevention capabilities for marketers. If you’re seeking a high transparency, scalable subsidy to alleviate pressure on your unit economics due to over-dependence on primary sales and marketing channels this tool is for you.

11. Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect is an award-winning technology company that helps brands and consumers in financial services.

Its fully scalable tracking and reporting platform, curated database of targeted publishers and influencers, and built-in AI-driven marketing compliance tools help 50+ North American fintechs, banks, credit unions, and insurtech companies.

Fintel Connect is also a proud partner of the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program.

12. TUNE

The TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is a customizable SaaS solution for building, managing, and growing partner programs and affiliate networks.

Advertisers use TUNE to maximize their ROI from partner onboarding to conversion tracking, payouts, and beyond.

Tune provides detailed analytics so that you can track every aspect of your marketing campaigns in real-time and make changes on the fly.

With cutting-edge fraud detection technology, you can rest assured that your campaigns are always running smoothly.