Top 12 – Best org chart software

Top 10 - Best org chart software

If you’re looking for the best org chart software, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top options on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Here are our top picks for org chart software:

1. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a powerful organizational chart software created by Lucid Software.

It features an easy-to-use interface, and real-time collaboration capabilities and supports the creation of various visual diagrams such as flowcharts, mockups, UML diagrams, and customer journey maps.

Lucidchart has been praised by many large businesses for its intuitive design and has received numerous awards for innovation in both business practices and workplace culture.

2. Freshteam

Freshteam is the smart HR software for growing businesses. It helps you attract, hire, and onboard new hires, manage employee information and time off, plus collaborate with recruiters to screen candidates.

You can also onboard before day one, create employee profiles, and manage access permissions.

Plus the app enables important actions on the go.

3. Sift

Sift’s platform is designed to enable collaboration and problem-solving across your organization. With its people search, dynamic org charts, and rich employee profiles, it provides the tools to make finding colleagues easier than ever before.

It also integrates with existing HR data systems, allowing for access to even more information about employees.

Additionally, Sift can collect additional details from team members and LinkedIn in order to create a comprehensive profile of each person within your business.

As an added bonus, you can use Sift as either a stand-alone solution or embed it seamlessly into your intranet – giving you the flexibility that you need.

4. Visio

Visio is a powerful and easy-to-use org chart software that can help you create visually appealing diagrams quickly and easily.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly capture any type of flowchart, from those brainstormed on a whiteboard to more complex diagrams like IT networks or organizational charts.

Visio makes it easy for anyone to transform their ideas into professional-looking visuals, with a wide range of pre-made shapes and templates that allow users to create detailed org charts without any prior experience designing visuals.

5. Pingboard

Pingboard is a software suite designed to help growing organizations create a great employee experience.

With Pingboard, you can build org charts, automate onboarding, and communicate with employees more effectively.

Additionally, Pingboard provides tools to help you measure and improve employee experiences through recognition, 1:1s, and surveys.

6. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a powerful and easy-to-use diagramming tool that offers a wide range of features, including the ability to create org charts with its drag-and-drop interface.

It also includes support for G Suite and Microsoft Office integrations, so you can store your diagrams in the cloud or collaborate with colleagues on projects.

SmartDraw has been used by universities, government agencies, and over 75% of Fortune 500 companies, making it one of the most popular solutions for creating organizational charts.

Whether you are managing a small team or running an enterprise business, SmartDraw makes it easy to quickly visualize data in an attractive format.

7. The Org

The Org is a software that helps companies with employer branding and org chart creation. It gives potential job candidates insight into the company culture.

Over 300,000 businesses have used its free profile setup, which includes employee profiles, teams, investors, etc. Profiles can be kept private or shared externally via website links or discovered via The Org’s internal search function.

8. Organimi

Organimi is a comprehensive organizational chart software that can help businesses of any size manage their operations, sales and accounts, and more.

The platform offers a variety of org charts for different purposes, from traditional hierarchical structures to matrix charts for project teams. With Organimi, users have the ability to import data into the platform from CSV or Excel files in order to create a chart, directory or photoboard.

Additionally, there are robust printing options available with over 50 different page sizes supported.

Finally, Organimi integrates with all other popular tools on the market.

9. Happeo

Happeo is an innovative org chart software that helps companies to manage their information chaos in a centralized and efficient manner.

It has integrations with some of the most popular productivity tools such as Google Workspace, Slack, and Microsoft 365.

With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation features, Happeo is trusted by more than 350 leading companies like Doctolib, Pinterest, and Marqeta for their intranet needs.

This powerful solution enables teams within these organizations to access valuable knowledge resources, stay updated with real-time news feeds, and have quick access to the necessary tools they need to perform their best work without any hassle.

10. OrgWiki

OrgWiki is the perfect software to get a clear view of your people and their organizational roles.

With OrgWiki you will be able to easily visualize your organizational structure, track changes in employee positions, understand who reports to whom and gain insights about which teams are working together on specific projects.

Additionally, with its powerful search feature, you can quickly find what you’re looking for among all of your team members. Whether it’s an individual’s profile or details about a project they’re involved in, OrgWiki makes everything simple and accessible.