Top 12 – Best Print Management Software

Top 12 - Best Print Management Software

Print Management Software can be used to manage printing processes within a business or organization. It offers features such as job tracking, cost-saving measures such as printer management and utilization, and print queue management. This type of software helps maximize efficiency in the workplace by reducing paper costs, streamlining document processing, and providing security for sensitive documents.

Additionally, Print Management Software is often integrated with other applications like customer relationship management (CRM) systems which allow users to quickly access information that would otherwise take longer to retrieve manually.

With its automated workflow capabilities, this type of software can help businesses become more efficient while saving money at the same time.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top options on the market.

Here are our picks for the best Print Management Software:

1. PaperCut

PaperCut has been around for over two decades, and its mission of reducing the amount of paper wasted in printer trays is now shared by 115 million users worldwide.

Organizations of all sizes across 200 countries are using this print management software to save both money and the environment, having already saved 750 million sheets of paper – that’s equivalent to 80,000 trees! PaperCut stands apart from other solutions due to how easy it is to install and use, no matter the size or type of printer being used.

Users can also rest assured that everything will work seamlessly with whatever devices or operating systems they choose.

2. PrinterLogic

PrinterLogic is a game-changer when it comes to print management solutions.

Their advanced features like a mobile and secure release printing, self-installation portals, and direct integrations with EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) and VDIs (Virtual Desktop Infrastructures), make it easier for IT professionals to reduce the need for print servers while still offering an efficient serverless printing infrastructure.

PrinterLogic also boasts FIPS 140-2 compliance as validated by an independent NIST-approved laboratory – ensuring that their software meets the highest security standards in the industry.

This dedication to customer security and satisfaction has made them highly recommended amongst existing customers; a whopping 97% are likely to recommend PrinterLogic’s services with a 94% retention rate customers.

3. MyQ X

MyQ X eliminates the need for complicated and time-consuming office printer management.

It is a powerful print management solution that offers optimized workflow, document digitalization, and mobile compatibility with native Android and iOS apps.

All three types of users benefit from MyQ X; managers have better cost oversight, system admins can manage devices remotely using the web-accessible dashboard which meets WCAG 2.1 AA level accessibility standards, while end users enjoy secure login options along with embedded terminals to simplify copying, scanning, faxing and printing tasks giving them greater work flexibility.

4. ScrewDrivers

ScrewDrivers® is an easy-to-use, comprehensive print/scan management software for administrators that is optimized for remote desktops, VDI, local desktops, and mobile devices.

It eliminates the need for managing print drivers, GPOs, and scripts with its universal print driver. This solution layers on top of your existing environment to make installation a breeze.

In addition to providing ease of use and installation, ScrewDrivers® offers great benefits such as dynamic presentation of printers based on user account information or device they are using; faster log-on times; self-service printing; simple printer selection according to network connection which allows users to access the right printer at the right time.

5. uniFLOW

uniFLOW is an incredibly versatile print management software that can save your organization time and money.

It provides full control of all printers, multifunction printers (MFP), and scanners in your fleet, giving you the ability to regulate usage for maximum efficiency. Its modular design allows for easy customization so it fits perfectly with any existing infrastructure or technology within your company.

With features such as secure printing, user authentication, document tracking, rules-based routing, and personalization options available across different devices, uniFLOW simplifies the process of managing a large fleet of printers while still ensuring security and accuracy.

Additionally, its advanced analytics provide deep insights into usage patterns which can be used to reduce waste and increase productivity.

All these benefits make uniFLOW one of the best print management systems today!

6. Equitrac

Equitrac is an intelligent print management software that provides a simpler, more secure, and cost-efficient way to manage your printing needs.

With just one click you can send any print job to any printer without the need for additional print servers or compatible drivers, eliminating the hassle of determining whether your printer is ready. The software also helps you save money by streamlining processes and preventing unnecessary waste from occurring.

Equitrac makes it easier than ever to get your printing jobs done quickly and efficiently with minimal effort.

7. Xerox FreeFlow Print Server

Xerox FreeFlow Print Server provides a comprehensive suite of Workplace Solutions to help you manage your entire fleet of printers.

These solutions enable you to easily connect, control and manage all brands of printers from any location, increasing mobile productivity with simple workflows, convenience and security.

With this software, businesses can expect lower costs and higher efficiency in their printing operations.

The software also offers tools for monitoring usage patterns so that businesses can identify trends or inefficiencies and take action accordingly.

In addition, it includes features such as automated updates on printer status and remote troubleshooting capabilities to ensure smooth functioning at all times.

8. YSoft SAFEQ

YSoft SAFEQ is an advanced print management software that helps to reduce costs, increase security and boost productivity.

Key features include user authentication, pull-printing, comprehensive reporting capabilities, automated scan workflows with optical character recognition, mobile printing, and rules-based printing.

YSoft SAFEQ is highly customizable as customers are able to choose from software suites or individual modules depending on their needs and can add additional features in the future if needed.

Established in 2000 by Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SAFEQ has grown exponentially since its inception with offices now located in over 15 countries across the globe.

This growth has been made possible largely due to the company’s commitment to providing excellent local support which includes more than 400 dedicated employees who strive for nothing less than helping customers build successful smart businesses.

9. ThinPrint

ThinPrint technology is based on over a decade of experience and has been successfully used by tens of thousands of companies.

It reduces the workload for IT departments, increases performance, optimizes printing, and saves money.

Features include high availability printing with load balancing and failover; data volume reduction; secure printing without VPN; tracking and reporting print volumes; driver-free printing with advanced options for native/driverless printing; automatic printer mapping; no-admin branch offices with ThinPrint Hub; batch printing for host systems; printer self-service for end-users; mobile remote/virtual desktop session printing.

Printing is an important yet difficult service to maintain in any organization due to its constant evolution.

That’s why ThinPrint provides secure, fast, and reliable performance while also decreasing reliance on IT resources as well as helpdesk requests.

10. Pharos Uniprint

Pharos Uniprint is an excellent solution for managing university-level printing.

It has been designed to scale up to the needs of even the largest universities in the world, making it ideal for institutions with a large student body and faculty.

It offers comprehensive print management capabilities such as charging students and faculty for their prints, mobile printing integration, powerful analytics tools that give you insights into device fleet usage and library solutions that integrate with Google Cloud Print.

With Pharos Uniprint, you can easily manage your entire print operation from one easy-to-use platform.

11. PrintWithMe

PrintWithMe is a mobile-first printing solution that makes it easy for guests to print their documents remotely.

It allows users to securely and quickly send documents from any device or location, so they can be printed on demand at the host’s printer.

With PrintWithMe, hosts can control access to their printers with user authentication and set up user groups for different levels of access.

They also have the option of setting specific payment plans and controlling quotas for each group. Additionally, PrintWithMe offers advanced features like remote monitoring, tracking usage data in real-time, and sending automatic notifications when certain thresholds are met.

All these features make PrintWithMe an ideal choice for businesses looking to simplify their document management processes while providing secure access to staff members or customers who need it most.

12. Print Manager Plus

Print Manager Plus is the ultimate print management software.

It gives businesses complete control over their printing processes and provides real-time insights into their print jobs.

The decades of research and development that have gone into this cutting-edge software solution make it a must-have for any business looking to reduce costs, save time, and optimize its printing operations.

With Print Manager Plus, you can easily track all your print jobs in one place, set up user quotas to limit costly printing activities, monitor ink levels in order to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, generate comprehensive reports about your printers usage patterns with just a few clicks—the list goes on!

With its robust features and unparalleled performance, Print Manager Plus is guaranteed to help you get the most out of your printing resources while saving money along the way.