Top 12 – Best SMS Marketing Software

Top 12 - Best SMS Marketing Software

If you’re looking for the best SMS Marketing Software, you’ve come to the right place.

SMS Marketing Software is software that enables businesses and organizations to send bulk text messages or SMS (Short Message Service) to a group of contacts. It can be used for promotional purposes, such as offering discounts or sending out notifications about upcoming events.

It can also be used for customer service needs, like confirming appointments or providing support information. With the right SMS marketing software, businesses can easily manage their campaigns and track results in real time while saving time with automated processes.

We’ve compiled a list of the top options on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Here are our top picks for SMS Marketing Software

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue’s SMS marketing software is a comprehensive all-in-one platform that helps you engage with customers and build relationships.

With Sendinblue’s powerful automation engine, you can set up complex workflows that track web behavior from your contacts as well as email engagement data.

Sendinblue pricing is based on the number of emails sent rather than contact size and they offer free accounts with up to 300 emails per day.

For larger senders or those with specific needs, there is also an Enterprise solution that provides a custom plan tailored to fit individual requirements.

2. Attentive

Attentive is an innovative software platform that helps businesses stay in touch with their customers.

With real-time two-way communication, Attentive enables personalized conversations between the business and consumers to drive e-commerce revenue.

This powerful commerce experience has been trusted by over 5,000 leading brands around the world to deliver effective results.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface and advanced automation capabilities, Attentive makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to send personalized messages directly to their customers’ phones instantly.

The platform also offers detailed analytics so you can track how your campaigns are performing and make improvements wherever necessary.

3. Birdeye

Birdeye is the ultimate solution for managing customer experience and online reputation.

With over 90,000 businesses already reaping the benefits of Birdeye’s all-in-one platform, it’s easy to see why this software is highly rated.

It allows local businesses and brands to quickly identify areas of improvement in order to provide an excellent customer experience that will help them grow sales and thrive.

The platform enables users to easily manage their online reputation by connecting with prospects through digital channels such as SMS marketing, social media platforms, email campaigns, etc.

Additionally, Birdeye provides powerful insights into customer experiences which can be used to continually optimize services or products according to feedback from customers.

4. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a powerful growth marketing platform that provides brands with the tools to create personalized experiences for customers across multiple channels, including email, SMS, in-app notifications, and the web.

With its easy-to-use features and comprehensive analytics capabilities, it’s no wonder why 67 new companies move to Klaviyo each day.

Whether you are looking to increase your customer base or improve relationships with existing customers, Klaviyo can help you reach your goals efficiently and effectively

5. EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a leading software company that provides businesses with the most efficient, reliable, and straightforward way to reach their customers.

With over 165,000 satisfied customers and being the top-ranking SMS platform for business users, it’s no surprise why EZ Texting has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best workplaces to work in and rated highly by small and mid-market establishments.

The comprehensive set of features offered by EZ Texting makes them an ideal choice for companies who want to effectively manage their customer communications as well as grow their customer base.

These features include easy contact list building, customizable templates, scheduling options, detailed analytics reports, and more.

All these features make it easier than ever before to stay connected with your target audience while saving time and money in the process.

6. Podium

Podium is a comprehensive marketing and communication platform designed to help local businesses succeed.

It offers features such as SMS messaging, customer engagement tools, reputation management, analytics, and more.

With Podium’s powerful capabilities, businesses can quickly build relationships with customers and streamline their operations.

Over 100,000 companies have already seen the benefits of using Podium for their business – from increasing customer loyalty to improving customer service experiences.

Whether you need to reach new customers or engage existing ones through SMS messages or other interactions – Podium has the perfect solution for your business needs.

7. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign’s Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform helps businesses better engage with their customers.

It offers a multitude of tools that allow for precision segmentation and personalization, allowing businesses to tailor each customer experience according to their individual needs.

Through its array of pre-built automation and integrations, ActiveCampaign enables businesses to reach out on multiple channels in an automated yet personalized way that can be scaled as the business grows.

By leveraging CXA, businesses can build deeper relationships with their customers through customized experiences that drive greater loyalty and engagement.

8. SlickText

SlickText is an intuitive and powerful SMS marketing software that helps brands create meaningful relationships with their customers.

With SlickText, users can easily craft engaging messages to send out to their target audience in order to build brand loyalty and encourage action.

This includes crafting promotional offers, running campaigns, scheduling appointment reminders, creating automated workflows, and more.

Additionally, the platform provides detailed analytics so users can track the effectiveness of their messaging efforts by measuring open rates and click-throughs.

9. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting’s SMS marketing software is designed with convenience in mind.

It makes it easy to send mass text alerts, provide customer service and create automated campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Their flexible pricing plans are tailored to the needs of each business, from small businesses to large enterprises, so you can find a plan that fits your budget.

The intuitive features make it simple for even novice marketers to get up and running fast. Plus, with their mobile app, you can manage your campaigns on the go from any device – perfect for busy entrepreneurs who have limited time but need powerful marketing solutions.

With SimpleTexting’s software, you can confidently grow your audience without sacrificing quality or spending too much money.

10. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a sales outreach automation platform that helps businesses communicate with prospects and customers across multiple channels, including web chat, SMS, messenger, and email.

It offers features like easy-to-customize sales templates, a unified inbox for managing all messaging conversations, and a toolbox of automation and integrations to help businesses scale their messaging efforts.

MobileMonkey is used by over a million businesses worldwide.

11. TextUs

TextUs is an enterprise texting solution that provides businesses with a powerful way to communicate with customers and employees in an efficient and effective manner.

With response rates 10 times higher than email or voice, TextUs allows businesses to maximize the conversation-to-revenue ratio by giving their team members the best solution for engaging customers and employees during their journey through the organization.

The platform offers automated messages, drip campaigns, AI-driven conversations, customizable templates, analytics reporting, CRM integration capabilities, and more.

With TextUs you can ensure your business has meaningful connections with customers at scale while driving revenue growth.

12. Postscript

Postscript is a powerful SMS marketing software used by 8,000+ Shopify stores and provides an array of features to help streamline the customer experience.

It allows store data to be synced across multiple platforms, which can then trigger automation such as back-in-stock alerts and abandoned cart recovery messages.

With strong backing from Accomplice and Y Combinator, Postscript has grown into a team of 150+ employees who all work remotely.

This has allowed them to create innovative solutions for their customers while keeping costs low so that small businesses are able to take advantage of their services without breaking the bank.