Top 12 – Best Document Scanning Software

Top 12 - Best Document Scanning Software

Finding the right Document Scanning Software is not easy. It’s important to find one that fits your needs and budget, while still providing the right features and usability.

Document Scanning Software is a type of computer program designed to assist users with converting physical documents into digital images. Document scanning software can be used to capture and store information from any paper-based source, such as forms, invoices, receipts, and other types of business documentation.

This technology makes it easier for businesses to store important data in an organized manner without having to keep track of multiple paper documents.

It also helps reduce the amount of time spent manually entering data into a system since scanned documents can often be directly imported without the need for manual input.

Additionally, document scanning software allows organizations to more easily search through archived records using keywords or phrases when necessary

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top options on the market.

Here are our picks for the best Document Scanning Software:

1. Laserfiche

Laserfiche is an advanced content management and business process automation software solution that helps organizations to reduce their manual labor costs, automate key processes and tasks, and digitally transform their operations.

It provides a comprehensive suite of features such as document scanning, workflow automation, automated data capture, file sharing/collaboration tools, version control, and more.

With powerful search capabilities powered by machine learning algorithms and AI-driven analytics insights, Laserfiche enables organizations to quickly find the information they need for decision-making.

Additionally, its advanced security measures ensure compliance with industry standards while providing secure access to sensitive documents throughout the organization’s network.

2. Pocket Scanner

Pocket Scanner is an award-winning document scanning software featured in Orange Telecom Partner Showcase.

It turns iOS devices into portable scanners for quick signing and scanning, eliminating lost documents.

Real-time edge detection, and advanced image processing features like cropping, adjusting brightness & rotating images are included.

Import from QR Code or Wi-Fi connection with fast continuous scan speed plus support for iOS Photo Extensions Image Processor. Create JPEG scans/multi-page PDFs and view scanned images in thumbnails via batch processing then export to multiple Cloud accounts if desired.

3. FineReader PDF for Windows and Mac

FineReader is an all-in-one OCR and PDF software application designed to increase business productivity.

It provides easy-to-use tools to access information locked in paper documents, digital documents, and PDFs, allowing users to edit, protect, share and collaborate on these documents in the same workflow.

With ABBYY FineReader PDF 16 for Windows users can easily digitize their documents, retrieve data from them with accuracy, and edit whole sentences or paragraphs while maintaining the layout of the document.

Additionally, they can incorporate paper documents into a digital workplace by using AI-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which simplifies daily workflows.

The mobile version of this software offers a smart AI-powered scanner that turns your device into an all-purpose tool so you can capture docs & books as well as create electronic copies in both JPEG &PDF formats; plus extract texts from scans for further editing or sharing purposes.

4. IntSig OCR Solutions

IntSig provides enterprise users with six main products that can be easily integrated into their existing App/Web/systems. CamScanner API/SDK and CamCard API/SDK allow for easy scanning of documents in order to expedite the document processing process.

The E-KYC solution helps companies quickly and securely verify an individual’s identity, while the CamCheckout solution simplifies online payment processes. Additionally, IntSig provides a Full-text recognition & Image enhancement solution as well as an Invoice management solution that allows companies to better manage invoice data.

IntSig is also renowned for its two mobile apps – CamCard APP and CamScanner APP – which have achieved over one billion downloads worldwide combined.

5. MyQ X

MyQ X is the perfect document scanning software for businesses of all sizes, offering simplified management and workflow.

Its mobile-friendly design has native Android/iOS apps that provide cost oversight, security for scanned documents, remote device registration, and a certified web-accessible dashboard.

End users are able to securely log in with one-click automation of copying/scanning/faxing/printing tasks. The great thing about MyQ X is it eliminates any manual data entry or tedious navigation through multiple menus to get what you need to be done quickly.

It also provides quick access to common settings like paper size, resolution, and quality for fast results without sacrificing accuracy or detail. Plus, its cloud storage capabilities make MyQ X ideal for teams who want easy collaboration across different locations around the world.

6. PairSoft

PairSoft is an incredibly powerful document scanning software that allows you to quickly and easily streamline purchase orders, invoice capture, and approval workflows.

With its deep integration with PunchOut catalogs, ERP systems, and Payment Management platforms, it makes the tedious task of manual paper-based processing obsolete.

Using PairSoft can drastically reduce the costs associated with managing paper-based systems by eliminating redundant entry tasks.

Additionally, PairSoft’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly scan documents in bulk batches while still maintaining high accuracy levels. This helps expedite document processing times so your business can get back to doing what it does best – providing excellent customer service!

7. OpenText Capture Center

OpenText Capture Center (formerly DOKuStar Capture Suite) is an advanced document scanning software designed to provide businesses with the necessary tools to efficiently scan, interpret and store data.

By utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Image Definition Reading (IDR), as well as other technologies such as adaptive reading; OpenText Capture Center reduces manual keying and paper handling processes associated with traditional document management systems.

In addition, users can benefit from improved data accuracy and quality while also saving money in the long run.

With OpenText Capture Center, businesses now have access to a reliable piece of software that helps streamline their document scanning process.

8. HP JetAdvantage

HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions offer organizations the ability to manage applications from concept to production.

They allow for faster and more efficient development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and optimization of applications. With HP JetAdvantage specifically, businesses can employ an enterprise-wide approach to managing application lifecycles with end-to-end visibility into the performance of their apps.

Additionally, it provides powerful tools such as automated testing suites and integrated reporting that help reduce development costs while improving app quality.

This makes HP JetAdvantage a great choice for companies looking to maximize their efficiency in producing high-quality software products quickly.

9. PaperScan

PaperScan Scanner Software is a powerful scanning application that uses TWAIN and WIA technology, featuring an OCR engine designed to make document acquisition easy.

It offers a variety of features in three different packages – Pro, Home, and Free – each tailored specifically for the needs of its users.

The Pro Edition is perfect for businesses or individuals with higher demands on their scanning software while the Home Edition is better suited for home-based scan jobs.

Finally, the Free Edition contains all the basic features needed for quick scans without any cost associated.

10. GoFileRoom

GoFileRoom is an advanced document management system designed specifically for the tax and accounting professions. It enables firms to operate with 100% digitalized workflow, collaborate with remote clients, and manage remote staff working from multiple office locations.

GoFileRoom provides enterprise-level security and helps firms reduce technology maintenance costs by avoiding time-consuming version management processes.

This cloud-based solution also allows customers to experience significant time savings while enjoying 24/7 access to their documents in a secure environment.

The data centers that store customer information are state of the art, meaning your data will remain safe in the event of a fire, theft, or natural disaster.

The online solution is more cost-effective than maintaining your own internal system and offers maximum productivity with minimal IT investment.

GoFileRoom has been proven successful in large firms nationwide due to its intuitive design which allows users to spend less time on individual tasks so they can focus on business growth which leads to enhanced client service.

11. Scandoc

Scandoc is a document scanning software that allows you to quickly and easily convert images into secure, searchable PDF documents. It features advanced image editing tools like cropping, rotating, and adjusting brightness and contrast.

Scandoc also supports converting color images to black & white for easier readability.

With its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, Scandoc can even recognize text from scanned documents so you can edit it later on if needed.

This helps make sure your scans are accurate and up-to-date with the latest information.

Overall, Scandoc is one of the best scanning solutions available today!

12. Etrieve

Softdocs’ Etrieve platform is specifically designed to help educational institutions manage their content, forms, and workflow processes in an efficient manner.

It offers a seamless user experience no matter where the users are located – whether on campus or online.

By leveraging cloud technology, it provides scalability for all types of enterprises, enabling them to scale up as needed without having to worry about system maintenance or upgrades.

With its comprehensive features, Etrieve allows educational institutions to efficiently store documents, electronic forms, and signatures and automate workflows from one easy-to-use platform.