Top 7 – Best AI Sales Assistant Software

Top 7 - Best AI Sales Assistant Software

If you’re looking for the best AI Sales Assistant Software, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top options on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Here are our top picks for AI Sales Assistant Software

1. HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales Hub is a powerful and easy-to-use sales CRM that includes sales engagement tools, configure-price-quote (CPQ) functionality, and robust sales analytics for growing teams.

Sales Hub is built on the HubSpot CRM platform where customer data, tools, and teams come together to create a single source of truth for unprecedented sales rep efficiency.

If you use the full CRM platform, you’ll be able to get more insights, warmer leads, and aligned enablement materials to help you operate more efficiently.

Plus, tap into our expansive ecosystem of app and solutions partners to craft an exceptional end-to-end customer experience. Whether it’s strategies, services, or software — HubSpot allows you to scale your company, not complexity.

2. ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo SalesOS is the modern go-to-market platform for B2B companies. They have the biggest, most accurate, and most frequently refreshed database of insights, intelligence, and purchasing intent data about companies and contacts.

The software layers additional tools on top of that intelligence — such as conversation intelligence (Chorus), sales engagement (Engage), and data orchestration (RingLead) — to help you engage with prospects and customers.

By integrating all of these tools with the other key systems you use, your go-to-market teams will be more prepared and well-equipped to close more deals and hit their number.

3. Clari

If you’re looking for comprehensive AI sales assistant software that can help improve your revenue process from start to finish, Clari is definitely worth checking out.

With its powerful yet easy-to-use platform, Clari gives you complete visibility into your pipeline so you can identify risks and opportunities, align buyers and sellers, increase forecast accuracy, and drive overall efficiency.

4. Scratchpad

Scratchpad is the fastest experience for salespeople to do their work. Fewer clicks, fewer tabs, and no waiting for pages to load make it a workspace that is designed and built for sales.

Plus, it’s always connected to Salesforce so you can access your data and information anytime, anywhere. Scratchpad also offers features like custom templates, real-time collaboration, and integration with popular sales tools that make it an essential tool for any sales team

5. Dooly

Dooly is a sales assistant software that helps you hit your revenue goals by making it easy to share critical deal information with the people and systems that need to know.

Revenue teams worldwide use Dooly to collaborate on a single platform that helps everyone become a top performer.

You can reclaim countless hours of sales time and sanity by using Dooly, which is ready in 60 seconds with no setup or credit card required. Start for free today at

6. Wingman by Clari

Wingman is a conversation intelligence platform that helps you accelerate your revenue. It provides insights from every sales interaction, allowing you to record calls, review deals, scale coaching, and build a repeatable sales machine.

Sales teams at Vendasta, Chargebee, Partsbase, Properly Homes, Oktopost, and more trust Wingman to accelerate their revenue. Software power users on G2 have rated Wingman among the best software for multiple categories, including Momentum leader; Best est. ROI; Easiest admin; Fastest implementation.

7. Writecream

Writecream is an innovative AI-powered marketing tool that uses advanced machine learning to write copy for you – for Google ads, landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, social media, and more. With Writecream, you can create high-converting content quickly and easily, without spending hours writing or hiring a copywriter.

Plus, you can use Writecream’s personalized introduction feature to generate compelling introductions for your outbound marketing campaigns – making it easier than ever to connect with your target audience.