Top 12 – Best Video Surveillance Software

Top 12 - Best Video Surveillance Software

Video Surveillance Software is a type of software that allows users to monitor and record video footage from an array of cameras, either in real time or through recordings. It typically includes features such as motion detection, remote viewing capabilities, alerts based on certain triggers, and the ability to store camera data in various formats for archiving. Video Surveillance Software can be used for home security purposes or commercial applications such as keeping track of employees and deterring crime at businesses.

With all the options in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right software so we’ve compiled a list of the top options on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Here are our top picks:

1. Verkada

Verkada is the number one choice for cloud-managed building security, providing reliable protection to over 12,000 organizations around the world.

Verkada’s comprehensive suite of video security cameras, door-based access control systems, environmental sensors, alarms, and visitor management tools all come together in a unified platform that makes it incredibly easy to monitor your entire premises from one secure online dashboard.

With Verkada’s cutting-edge products and intuitive software interface at your fingertips, you have complete visibility into your facilities with unprecedented ease.

2. Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks is the leading cloud video surveillance and AI provider, allowing businesses to optimize their physical security, business operations, and customer service.

Their VMS (video management system) uses real-time business intelligence powered by artificial intelligence in the cloud.

Eagle Eye offers true cloud scalability that can be tailored to any size or type of organization.

They are also compatible with all types of security cameras giving users flexibility when it comes to upgrades without needing new equipment each time.

Additionally, they provide robust cybersecurity protection from potential threats as well as advanced analytics and AI capabilities that allow organizations to identify risks and improve their efficiency.

Finally, Eagle Eye has an open platform and global developer ecosystem which allows customers to access integrated applications meeting their unique needs with seamless integration into POS systems and access control systems.

3. Spot AI

Spot AI offers a modern artificial intelligence camera system to make workplaces and businesses more secure.

This system can be used by multiple departments, such as IT, security, operations, safety, HR, and more.

You can keep your current IP cameras if you have them, or Spot AI will provide premium IP cameras free of charge.

Their Intelligent Video Recorder is powered by NVIDIA GPUs, uses minimal bandwidth, and has 24/7 local storage with cloud capabilities. The Cloud Dashboard provides up-to-date software for accessing all of your locations and cameras from one place on any device.

4. Rhombus

Making sure your organization is secure has never been simpler with Rhombus. Their platform combines cutting-edge cameras, IoT sensors, and integrations with third-party solutions, making it easy to use for your team.

It’s cloud-based, eliminating the need for bulky hardware, and is secure by default. It also has AI analytics built in so you can detect, monitor, and respond to any potential threats quickly.

Developed by security experts, Rhombus makes managing security operations a breeze and is used by schools, real estate companies, healthcare facilities, and Fortune 500 companies.

5. Hikvision iVMS-5200

Hikvision iVMS-5200 mobile surveillance software provides a comprehensive suite of features to keep your property safe and secure.

With this powerful software, you can monitor events in real-time with live view and playback capabilities, track vehicles on GIS MAPs for accurate location tracking, review routes taken by vehicles with route playback functionality, perform health checks on your system components to ensure they are functioning properly at all times, manage alarms centrally from the alarm center dashboard and create multiple accounts for domain access control.

Additionally, Hikvision iVMS-5200 supports night vision cameras so that you can have 24/7 monitoring even during hours of darkness.

These incredible features make Hikvision iVMS-5200 one of the top video surveillance solutions available today.

6. Blue Iris

Blue Iris is a video surveillance software solution that allows users to monitor their home or business from anywhere in the world. It features motion detection, audio monitoring, and remote viewing capabilities.

With Blue Iris, you can set up cameras around your property and view live footage via the web or mobile app.

You can also customize recording settings including resolution and frame rate as well as save recordings on an FTP server or local hard drive for easy access later on.

The software is highly customizable with support for over 400 different camera models making it ideal for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and flexible security system.

7. Mobotix

MOBOTIX is a leader in the video surveillance software industry, offering reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

Their software can be easily integrated with their high-quality hardware to create an all-encompassing security system.

This combination of technology allows users to monitor any area without missing a beat, providing peace of mind and knowing that everything is under control.

Additionally, Mobotix’s surveillance systems are highly customizable and flexible, allowing users to tailor the system according to their specific needs or preferences.

With such advanced features, Mobotix stands out as one of the top choices for video surveillance software on the market today.

8. Intenseye

Intenseye is an advanced AI-driven platform that is specifically designed for environmental health and safety (EHS) applications.

By utilizing existing cameras within a facility, Intenseye allows EHS leaders to detect potential hazards and prevent accidents 24/7.

The software can recognize and evaluate over 40 EHS use cases with a high degree of accuracy and is currently being used to protect over 100,000 people in 23 different countries.

Its capabilities include monitoring PPE usage, body positioning assessments, and vehicle interactions.

9. VideoXpert

Pelco’s VideoXpert video management system is designed to give security personnel the ability to watch what they need when they need it.

There are two versions of this VMS – Enterprise, and Professional – which can be scaled to meet the requirements of a variety of situations, from basic security needs to systems with tens of thousands of cameras around the world.

10. XProtect Essential

XProtect Essential+ is an incredibly powerful video management software (VMS) produced by Milestone that comes at no cost. It is suitable for small business owners who are looking to protect their assets and employees with a reliable security solution.

XProtect Essential+ features support for up to eight cameras, making it ideal for those who do not require extensive coverage but still want the protection of a top-quality VMS package.

The intuitive user interface makes setup quick and easy, so you can be sure your system will be up and running in no time at all! With its impressive feature set and price point, XProtect Essential+ is perfect for any small business owner looking for robust video surveillance without breaking the bank.

11. for Business for Business provides a comprehensive security solution that combines intelligent intrusion detection systems (IDS), video surveillance, access control, and energy management into a single package.

With for Business, you can monitor your business from anywhere with real-time alerts about motion or sound detected on the premises.

You can also manage who has access to your building through secure entry systems and track energy usage with automated reports of when doors are opened or lights are turned off. All of this is available from one centralized platform so you have full visibility into all aspects of your business’s security needs.

12. iSpy

iSpy is an open-source video surveillance software for Windows PCs offering users the ability to monitor their premises from any remote location via a web browser or mobile device.

The software utilizes motion detection and audio recognition technology, enabling it to detect movement or sound within its field of view. It also offers features such as real-time alerts, cloud storage, and recording options in various formats including AVI, MP4, and JPG.

Furthermore, iSpy supports external hardware such as IP cameras as well as multiple input devices like microphones, speakers, webcams, and more.

With these capabilities combined with an intuitive user interface design for easy setup and management of multiple video streams at once – iSpy is certainly one of the best surveillance solutions available today!